The Secrets to Drawing Video Course – The Secrets to Drawing

The Secrets to Drawing Video Course - The Secrets to DrawingCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITE“The Secrets to Drawing” video course addresses the true essence of drawing in a direct, no-nonsense manner. My philosophy is that anyone can draw. “Talent” is just another word for “desire”, and if you have the desire, then you CAN draw. I have used my years of teaching experience and work as an illustrator to develop a course that I am convinced will help you draw better immediately! You see, drawing is something that requires knowledge. Michelangelo is quoted as saying “A man paints (or draws) with his brains, not with his hands.” Each aspect of drawing is broken down into “easy to follow” and “easy to understand” segments complete with drawing demonstrations and commentary.

The problem with many drawing programs and courses is that they don’t teach you the core fundamentals that are essential for drawing. Drawing well requires knowledge, not just learning little "tricks" or "methodologies". Once you learn the core concepts, you can draw anything!

K-Fit 6 Challenge – Fitness. Mindset. Life.

K-Fit 6 Challenge - Fitness. Mindset. Life.CLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEThis has been an amazing experience! I am down six pounds but most importantly I am stronger and running faster, plus much nutrition is 1000x better! Thanks to Kendrick and Angela. And thanks to this amazing group for all the support!" -Toni, NY ( * Weight lost: 6 lbs Fat loss: 5% Inches lost between waist, hip and thighs: 5.5 inches (Total inches lost from body: 7 inches)

"Here’s me and Coach Kendrick at the finish line at the NYC Marathon this year (2015). I participated in the first K-Fit 6 Challenge last year to get me in better shape. I was able to lose 14 lbs and 6.5 inches during the 6 weeks and have seen major improvement in my running. Coach Kendrick is an awesome coach and the Facebook group is so supportive. Can’t tell you the number of days I felt like not doing my workouts…until I saw people on the page posting their daily goals accomplished. Got me moving right away." -Christy. *

LumbridgeCity – Bitcoin and CrypoCurrency Trading and Mining Tutorials and Courses

LumbridgeCity – Bitcoin and CrypoCurrency Trading and Mining Tutorials and CoursesCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEStreamed Live on YouTube Thursday – May – 4 – 2017 Hello and welcome to the live launch of the new course on So as you can see the countdown is showing that there’s minutes left until the course is open but the course is already moved back two days late because there was…

As we countdown to the new workshops, I’ve been very busy reviewing and updating everything! I’ve been going through all the prior workshops on how to trade cryptocurrencies, all the support email and frequently asked questions we received during prior training courses… and cleaning out the clutter, removing the outdated examples while keeping the lessons….

Ultimate Drum University – All Access Pass — Ultimate Drum University

Ultimate Drum University – All Access Pass — Ultimate Drum UniversityCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEEverything is backed by our extended 60-day money back guarantee, so you can try the All Access Pass completely risk-free for two full months. Order today to get instant access to all the step-by-step video lessons, reference material, bonus package and 1-on-1 support.

The Ultimate Drum University – All Access Pass has been my sole focus for quite some time now, and I CAN’T WAIT for you to dive into it.

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