Make A Living Playing Video Games - MakeMoneyPlayingVideoGamesCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEIf you said YES, I know Exactly how you Feel! And I have been Unstoppably Psyched since I figured this out. I went from a dead end job I hated, to actually making money in my shorts playing Video Games!

If you are young, or still in school, then you’re probably stuck doing jobs like Delivering Pizzas, working for a fast food place, or maybe doing menial work like yard care or cleaning. You know that what you are learning in College will pay off someday, but for now, when you need money, it feels like selling your soul, doesn’t it?

Or maybe you didn’t go to school, and you don’t have trade skills. So you’re stuck working a minimum wage Slave like stocking shelves, or working a retail job you hate!

Either way, I know what’s probably going through your mind. That “this job” is crushing your soul. You always dreamed of having work that made you feel good about yourself. And whether you are learning the skills for that future job or not, what you are doing in exchange for money right now makes you feel Frustrated and Humiliated. Because the kind of work you are doing gets no respect. And you think to yourself “If only there was a way I could earn money doing something FUN!!”

Well, if you Love Gaming, and you can’t run away with the Circus, then maybe you should try to make some money by doing something you really love.

See you probably know by now that money is being made online. There are guys who make 20k per game review and then there are guys like pewdiepie who makes 10 Millions a year doing lets play videos on Youtube.

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