Games for Adults! Mega Sexy Games Bundle for Mature Players! 3 Games in 1!CLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEOur Mission is to introduce you to games that represent the Kama Sutra tradition of Eroticism.

Our Sexy Kama Sutra games play similarly to such Classic Tabletop Games as Bingo, Dominoes, Memory-Match, Go-Fish, and Old-Maid.

The Gameplay is varied yet familiar — no need to explain complicated rules, just deal the cards and you’re set to play!

And what fun-filled gameplay to be had: the bingo cards, playing cards, and domino tiles are eye-popping in their 3D-rendered Kama Sutra Scenes! As you play, watch your friends’ and party guests’ reactions to see who blushes, who smirks.. who gets hot-and-bothered is anybody’s guess!

With mature, open-minded party guests, it’s only a matter of time before your friends reveal their naughty streak. This makes the Kama Sutra Adult Games Mega Bundle the great way to break the ice and set the mood for the rest of your party!

* Having a Bridal Shower / Bachelorette Party ..? Get your married &/or knowledgeable friends to share comments and testimonials on each position as it is drawn and called by your game host!

* Having a College Fraternity or Sorority Party ..? Volunteer the participation of pledges (and other stalwart volunteers) to enact the positions as they are drawn! A good enactment earns corresponding rewards!

* Having a Game Night with your buddies ..? Take a break from your typical board games / card games and introduce mischief into your gathering! All by simply playing a traditional, time-tested game!

* Having a friendly Date Night that you are inclined to make friendlier ..? This suggestive game fairly beats most others to let you quickly get to know each other and share intimacies! Especially when alcoholic drinks are involved!

* Want to have Something Wacky and Wicked that you can whip out in a hurry? This game… Read more…