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US scientists believe that the disorder may be linked to poor cardiovascular health, and suggested that men with ED should be screened for health issues that could cut their lives short.

In the summer of 2014, my son (14 at the time) and I were hanging out by the pool, just being guys. It was a beautiful day with a radiant sun, crystal blue skies and just a wisp of clouds. My pool is not really deep enough to dive in, however I had taught him to shallow dive and were doing belly-flops, cannon balls and shallow water dives.

That’s when I felt my son grab me around the chest, lifted my head and say, “Don’t worry, I got you dad.” I will never forget that – “I got you.”

I was a mess. I was barely keeping consciousness. I told him to pull me to the side by the steps. He sat me on the stairs and I couldn’t sit up by myself. We rested there for a moment where I kept willing myself to move my legs. I flat couldn’t do it. And I couldn’t use my hands. They felt like they were on fire. Like my hands, fingers, and forearms were being shredded by razor blades whiles being dunked in freezing then boiling water. That and my face, mouth and nose were gushing blood.

After a minute or two, I knew this wasn’t just going to go away after I caught my breath. I had my son lean me over the side of the pool and go call 911.

I was trying to maintain consciousness, so the stories after this… Read more…