courses.nutritiontactician.comCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITENeedless to say, if you eat too few, you feel like crap. If you eat too many, you feel like crap. If you eat the wrong type, well, you feel like crap.

And of course, the type, timing, and amount of carbohydrates you need depends on your individual nutrition history and goals, your exercise habits, daily work schedule, and much more.

Fortunately, in under two hours you will know everything you need to help you change your health, physique, and performance!

“Carbohydrate Confidence” is an online video course that includes 18 videos that are each 2 – 5 minutes in length. In this course, I’ll provide you with more than basic carbohydrate information—though you’ll learn to appreciate the structure and function of carbohydrates from the get-go!

I’ll provide you with advanced strategies to help you choose the most premium carbohydrate options, and even share my 6:1 rule that will enable you to have hours of endless energy!

I’ll break down how to choose the perfect carbohydrate pre-workout, share with you how many you really need post-workout, and convince you to eat carbohydrates before bed with a smile on your face.

This course contains 18 videos, each 2 – 5 minutes in length. Upon registering, you’ll be granted instant access to watch every video in this course. You can watch each vide an unlimited number of times and will have lifetime access.

And each video comes with instantly downloadable content to help ensure you master the main takeaways from each video and become aware of how you can readily implement what you learn today.

To top it off, you’ll also be granted access to an exclusive TNT University private Facebook group for further learning, support, and accountability.

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